Hello Future Partners & Brands!

Verifying that Yes Australian GG, Owns Apass.org & Amember.org.

I'm getting ready to release APASS, I currently have some plans set in place for some Australian influencers with a following over 10 million!

So If APASS could work with your business we could drive your sales up!

I have joined some affiliate programs, but I would rather be able to give my members a discount/promo code.

Rather than myself making a commission, as then I have something to work with & attracting more sales.

Most businesses offer 10-20% Discounts for users to add their email to your mailing lists, (& thats usually the smallest discount), If we could even settle for this, anything is better than nothing.


In the future (soon after we go public, I will also add your business to some of my websites, that are relevant in your industry.

Check out some of our websites: